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          The Famous Fishery City of Guangdong Province


           Zhapo National Port



            Ships are departing in the Fishing Festival


            Yangjiang is situated at the southwest seaside of Guangdong Province and is the famous fishery city of Guangdong Province which has an abundant resource of fishery. The number of islands around the whole city is 116 and among them there are 40 islands, the area of which is above 500 square meters. The length of the coastline is 458.6 kilometers and the length of continental coastline is 323.5 kilometers. The sea area is about 12,300 square meters. There are a large number of islands in Yangjiang and beautiful sceneries set along the seaside there. Dajiao Bay in Hailing Island and the Ten-mile Silver Beach are famous places of interest. There are abundant harbor resources there and the length of coastline which is suitable for building harbors is 39.1 kilometers. There are Zhapo, Dongping, Shapa, Xitou, Hebei, Duian, Jiangcheng port in Yangjiang among which Zhapo, Dongping are National Ports and Shapa is national first class port. Zhapo Central Port was named the national civilized porton September,2010. There are 4886 marine fishing ships in Yangjiang, occuping 10.6% of those in Guangdong Province, the power of which is 374,100 kilowatts. The marine fishing ability of Yangjiang is top-ranked in Guangdong Province. Yangjiang is crisscrossed by canals & rivers and the ecological environment there is diversiform. The area of mangrove is 666.7 hectares and there is an ideal place for the propagating and growth of fish, shrimp, crab and shellfish. There are 105 kinds of fish which are founded economic value and 20 kinds of those could be cultured. The resource of freshwater is also abundant and the area of water which is suitable for culture is 200 square kilometers.

            The fishery GDP of Yangjiang was 10,980,000,000 in 2009 and the gross output value of aquatic products has been top-ranked for several years among the cities of Guangdong Province. The weight of the occupation of aquatic products per person is more than 360 kilograms which is 4 times compared with that nationwide and 9 times compared with that of Guangdong Province, which has been the No.1 of Guangdong Province for several years. The per capita net income of fish-farmers is 10345.