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          Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi) Industrial Transfer Park


             Established and developed by the People's Government of Yangxi County and Zhongshan Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Zhongshan Torch (Yangxi ) Industrial Transfer Park is one of the 3 parks in the first batch that have been certified as provincial-level industrial transfer parks. Partial land area taken from that in the scope of the master plan for the construction of Yangxi county seat has been used for the development and construction of the Park, which is planned to cover a land area of 11, 000 mu, to be developed and constructed by stages and expected to invest RMB800 million. The construction is scheduled to be entirely completed in 8 years with the first batch of 1, 500 mu to be developed. In the early period, the development will mainly focus on industries like textiles, hardware, electronics, food processing and etc. After the completion, its gross industrial output value is expected to reach about RMB 30 billion.

            The main plan on the 11, 000-mu land area used for the Park and the regulatory plan on the first batch of 1, 500-mu land area have been completed. The development of the first batch of land area is proceeding briskly and successfully. The condition so-called ‘six-supplies and one leveling’ is available, i.e. the supply of traffic roads, water supply, drainage system, power supply, communication and gas as well as leveling of the land area for construction field inside the Park. Meanwhile, supporting infrastructures for drainage system, sewerage treatment system, water supply, power supply and etc. outside the Park are gradually improved. The Management Service Center has been set up and put into operation. At present there are 49 enterprises that have been settled in with an investment totaling about RMB 200 million Yuan, including 34 that have been completed and 6 under construction. A development management mode of industrial integration and flexibility has been formed gradually.

            The next three years will be the peak period of development and all of the projects developed in the first phase will basically be put into operation. When the time comes, employees will exceed 20, 000 persons.