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          Guangzhou (Yangjiang) Industrial Transfer Park


            Located at Yangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone-- a provincial-level Hi-tech industrial development zone, Guangzhou (Yangjiang) Industrial Transfer Park is a provincial-level model one which jointly established by the People's Government of Guangzhou Municipality and the People's Government of Yangjiang City with a total planned land area of 21.8 square kilometers, including Fugang Industrial Park with 10 sq. km, Portside Industrial Park with 5 sq. km, Pingdong Industrial Park with 4.2 sq. km and Yinling Industrial Park with 2.6 sq. km. The preparation of the master plan together with the regulatory plan, feasibility study report and regional environmental impact assessment report of the said industrial transfer parks have been completed. At present, the land development and construction work have been in full swing with 127 projects of an investment of RMB 2.92 billion Yuan under implementation. 36 projects like Cargill, Deer Electric Appliances, Hanneng LED, Wanshida Seafood Processing etc. have completed construction and put into production . Other 38 projects like Guangqing Nickel Alloys etc. are under construction.

            Yangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone is very convenient in land and sea transportation and increasingly improved in the aspect of infrastructure. Guangzhou-Zhanjiang Expressway, Western Guangdong Coastal Expressway, No.325 National Class-A Highway, Sanshui -Maoming Railway and Yangchun-Yangjiang Port Railway as well as the Yangjiang Port-Yunfu Expressway currently under construction all directly connect to the Zone, and the regular cargo flight from Yangjiang Port to Guangzhou and Shenzhen have been launched. At present, facilities for water supply, power supply, communication and other infrastructures have basically been established together with perfect supporting service system. The importance of the Park will be attached to the development of such industries as petrochemicals, machinery manufacture, textile, garment, food, medicine, electronics, information technology(IT), packaging, environmental protection, modern warehousing logistics and etc., which will be emerging into a port-front industrial base in Guangdong Province and creating a favorable investment environment as well as living environment for investors.