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          Dongguan Chang’an (Yangchun) Industrial Transfer Park


            Located 3 km to the south of Yangchun downtown area and about 50km to Yangjiang Port, Dongguan Chang’an (Yangchun) Industrial Transfer Park was certified as a provincial-level industrial transfer park in 2007, covering a land area of 10,182 mu with geographical advantages, complete full-featured infrastructure together with related supporting facilities reasonably planned both inside and outside the Park. There is a flat open terrain rich in water resource and sufficient in power supply. It enjoys convenient transportation as a class-I highway connecting Yangchun Railway Station with Yangjiang Port, No. 113 Provincial Highway Line, No.325 National Highway, Kaiping-Yangjiang Expressway, Yunfu-Yangjiang Expressway, Western Guangdong Coastal Expressway, Sanshui-Maoming Railway and Yangchun-Yangjiang Port Railway nearby. Since the establishment of the Park, one 110, 000-volt power transmission and transformer substation has been completed and put into operation, the construction of a 3.8 km-long trunk road has been completed, and necessary supporting facilities for water supply, power supply and communication have been available. A land area of over 4, 000 mu has been developed in the first phase. In recent years, the CPC Yangchun Committee and Yangchun People's Government have been aspiring to enrich the City by means of industry and thus have been carefully planning the construction of large industrial parks as well as publishing preferential policies for the purpose to create a development platform. The overall construction will be implemented step by step and the development task of the whole Park is scheduled to be completed in 3-5 years, which will be able to accommodate nearly 200 companies after the completion. It will mainly be engaged in leading industries such as electronic appliances, electric equipment, mechanical processing, pharmaceuticals, textile, garment and etc.