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          Industry Development Direction

            . Strategic positioning: to become a modern industrial city for three pillar industries’ coordinate development


            The overall strategic positioning of Yangjiang is to become a modern industrial city for three pillar industries(They are the primary industry, the secondary industry and tertiary industry), to connect the Perl River Delta region and other cities in West Guangdong, to serve as a link between southwestern China and Pan-North Bay.



            .Definition: “Five Bases and One City”


            To built a modern industrial city for three pillar industries’ coordinate development means to built “Five Bases and One City”.

            “Five Bases and One Citymeans to become the provincial “double transfers” demonstration base, littoral industrial base, China knives & scissors industrial base, international tourist resort, modern agricultural base in the Perl River Delta region, popular seaside city for living and commerce in Guangdong.


            1. Provincial “double transfers” demonstration base


            The Yangjiang New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone and Guangzhou (Yangjiang) Industrial Transfer Park are built at a modern high standard and offers an excellent investment environment. They attract capital from various organizations in Guangdong Province, industrial transfers, work force from China and foreign countries. Yangjiang has formed the functional pattern of “one region and several parks for displaceable development”. Yangjiang intends to become the provincial and even the national “double transfers” demonstration base.


            2. Littoral industrial base


            The rich resources on the coastline and well constructed port enable Yangjiang to develop advance in the electrical energy industry especially the new energy. Alongside, the electrical energy equipment, oceanographic engineering, food production and correlative industry are also developed in Yangjiang. Yangjiang intends to become an important seaside electrical energy base of China and the up bring littoral industrial base of Guangdong Province. 


            3. China knives & scissors industrial base


            Yangjiang is granted the honor of “China Capital of Knives and Scissors” for its Excellency in the hardware knives & scissors manufacturing industry and well developed related industrial chains. The “Yangjiang standard” and “Yangjiang price” of national hardware knives & scissors were established to promote high quality standard and enhance the sector’s international competitiveness. Yangjiang intends to become the China knives & scissors industrial base.


            4. Modern agricultural base in the Perl River Delta region


            With the excellet capacity of special agriculturial productions and aquatic productions, Yangjiang is working together with Perl River Delta region, Hongkong and Macao, to construct a vegetable base, and intends to build a special agriculture production & export base, a modern marine fishery base, a current base of agriculture products and provincial modern agricultural test zone. Agricultural industry has been developing in a fast phase in Yangjiang.


            5. International tourist resort


            Focusing on developing tourism, Yangjing intends to construct the Hailing Island and make Hailing an international tourism resort, cultural creative island and provincial modern service tourism demonstration region. There are many resorts people can visit in Yangjiang - mountains, seaside, hotsprings, forests and nature caves. You can also see the old sunken ship “Nanhai No.1” in Marine Silk Road Museum. The beautiful landscape of Yangjiang is yet to be discovered by the wider china and even internationally.


            6. Popular seaside city for living and commerce in Guangdong


            Yangjiang government intends to construct a seaside city with port and industrial parks to offer a combination of modern life with vast business opportunities. It is an important hub city connects the Perl River Delta region and other cities in West Guangdong.