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          Tourism Resources



            Yangjiang is a major city with the title of ‘China Top Tourist City’ , ‘China Best eco-tourism City’ and well-known thanks to its tourism resources of ‘sea, mountains, lakes, forests, springs and caves’. Tourism resources in Yangjiang mainly include natural sceneries represented by coastal beaches with excellent water and clean sand combined with Yangchun's beautiful karst peaks and caves as well as numerous high-quality hot spring groups, waterfalls, mountains, lakes and forests that have constituted a tourism resource of mountain-sea scenery full of all series, high quality and good combination of space. Yangjiang’s unique geographic environment and natural scenery together with its long history and colorful local customs have provided it with a piece of land rich in products, simple in folkway, happy and safe in live, harmonious and peaceful in society and thus it has been enjoying the reputation and fame of ‘mountain and sea full of warmth from the precious land in Yangjiang’. After years of development and construction, the tourist facilities are getting increasingly sophisticated and attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists to Yangjiang for sightseeing and holidays, where have gradually become a hot spot for tourism, investment and business. 

            In 2010, the tourists to Yangjiang City totaled 7,266, 000 person-times, 12.0% growth over the previous year, of which 7,213,000 person-times of domestic tourists, 53, 000 person-times of international tourists. The total tourists included 3, 10 2, 000 person-times of overnight tourists and 4, 164, 000 person-times of one-day-trip tourists. In 2010, the city's tourist accommodation facilities received domestic overnight tourists totaling 3, 049, 000 person-times with a per-capita average duration of stay of 1.45 days and international tourists totaling 53, 000 person-times including foreigners 5, 435 person-times, Hong Kong tourists 34, 868 person-times, Macao tourists 6, 466 person-times and Taiwan tourists 5, 997 person-times with a per-capita average duration of stay of 1.99 days for international tourists.


            I. Tourism resources


            The coastlines (water-front of island) total 458.6 km, including 135.1 km of water front on 40 key islands. Yangjiang is very conspicuous in coastal tourism resources, including a number of coastal beaches at over 20 locations with a total length of 51.8 km available for development. These beaches are characterized by their excellent water, clean sands, beautiful shapes and rich styles, among which, Dajiao Bay, Mawei Island, Shili Silver Beach and Beiluo Bay at Hailing Island, Moon Bay and Hebei Holiday Inn in Yangxi County, Dongping Pearl Bay in Yangdong County and other beaches, can all be rated as the first-class in Southeastern Asia. Zhapo Dajiao Bay Bathing Beach has been appraised and named as a ‘National AAAA Tourist Attraction’, while Shili Silver Beach with a silver beach total of 7.4 km long has been evaluated by Guinness Shanghai General Headquarter as ‘the Largest Bathing Beach in China’ thanks to its large scale and fine sand. In 2005, Hailing Island was appraised by the magazine China National Geography as one of ‘China's Top 10 Beautiful Islands’. Beautiful beaches and charming seaside have attracted International Beach Volleyball Tournament, International Sailboard Competition and other international competitions held in Yangjiang.

            Backing on mountains and facing to the South China Sea, there is a terrain in Yangjiang ranging from north to south, a mountain called Tianlushan acting as a natural barrier at its northeastern side and a mountain called Yunwushan surrounding at its northwestern side. The highest peak in the territory is Mt. Ehuangzhang on Wangfu Mountains with an altitude of 1, 337 meters, and the longest river is Moyangjiang River with a total length of 199 km, running through the whole city from north to south and finally flowing into the South China Sea. Along the middle-upper part of Moyangjiang River, there is a landform of karst peak forest within a length of 100 km, forming a great variety of karst landscapes, just like an art masterpiece extraordinary as if done by the spirits and ghosts. In addition, Chunwan has been appraised ‘the National Geo-park’ due to its beautiful karst landscapes, such as Lingxiao Cave that has been pronounced a ‘Southland Top Wonderful Landscape’, Yuxi Three Caves, Chunwan Stone Forest, Dragon Palace Cave as well as King-Fish Rock and etc. The landscapes with a great variety of shapes have become an important base for location shooting for films and television plays of China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

            Yangjiang is extra rich in geothermal resources, and hot springs have been found in 23 sites, including types like radon spring, sulfur spring, metasilicate ( H2SiO3 ) spring, gypsum spring and other high-quality medical hot mineral spring, of which, the ones showing a larger tourism development value are: Gangmei Hot Springs, fluoride springs in the suburb; Xinzhou Hot Springs, large-scale ultra-high-temperature and high-quality metasilicate (H2SiO3)-radon springs and Pinggang Hot Springs with a largest flow, together with Rudong Hot springs, Heshan Hot springs, Chuanwan Hot springs, Bajia Hot springs and other hot springs. The projects that have been developed include Yangjiang Hot Spring Resort, a first five-star spa resort and spa hotel in Guangdong province, Yangchun Chundu Hot Spring Resort, Yangxi Salted Mineral Hot Spring Villa that their quality and efficacy in health care and leisure have won great favor from tourists.

            Besides, there is another major feature of forest falls, lakes and mountains. Within Mt. Ehuangzhang (a provincial-level natural reserve) known as a treasury of rare plants at Bajia Town in Yangchun City, there is a waterfall called White-water Waterfall with a drop of 255 m, which has thus been titled ‘Top Waterfall in Guangdong’. Within the East Lake Xingdao Island Tourist Zone in Yangdong County, there are 108 small islands at the central area of the lake, where all the year around, flower and fruit grow together with fragrance flowing in the wind, just like a garden retreating away from the world, showing a great attraction to tourists in Guangdong.

            Yangjiang has a long history, which was set up as a county early in the first year of the period of Huangchu Emperor in Wei Dynasty and where there are still many ancient cultural sites preserved up to the present like Beishan Pagoda, Tongzhen Rock, ancient human cave site and etc. as well as a number of local folk customs like kite-flying, dragon boat at sea and etc. In particular, along with the discovery and salvage of the ancient boat called ‘the South China Sea No.1 wreck’ which sunk in Song Dynasty in sea area within Yangjiang, the complete boat together with cultural relics in the boat have been salvaged and moved to the newly-built Crystal Palace in Guangdong Museum of Marine Silk Road at Shili Silver Beach on Hailing Island in Yangjiang City, for the purpose to maintain the existing undersea natural environment and public display. The Museum is open to the public at December 2009. The wreck sunk in Song Dynasty is pronounced by archaeological experts as Dunhuang on Sea because it is a most ancient boat that has ever been found worldwide with a most complete preservation of a hull and a largest number of cultural relics inside the boat, and no matter in view of quantity or value, the state-level cultural relics preserved in it is equivalent to the value of all cultural relics preserved in Guangdong Province.


            II. Tourism reception facilities


            The foundation of tourism service facilities of Yangjiang City is perfect. In 2010 in the whole city, there are 24 travel agencies (including 1 international agencies and 23 domestic agencies), 28 star-rated hotels (including 3 five-star hotel, 2 four-star, 14 three-star and 9 two-star), with rooms totaling 2, 842 and beds totaling 5, 260. At present, Yangchun East Lake International Hotel, Yangjiang Country Garden Phoenix Hotel and Yangjiang Hotspring Resort are under the procedure of application for five-star hotels. There are also a large number of hotels and restaurants as well as playgrounds, dance halls, karaoke dance halls and other entertainment facilities. In addition, construction has been completed on Taojing Golf Tourist Resort, which covers an area of 4, 200 mu with two 18-hole golf course of international standards, and one hotel designed according to five-star level as well as holiday villas and other supporting facilities, forming a complete set of travel services and reception system with facilities ranging from low level, medium level to high level. 


             III. The development direction of tourism industry


            Highlight five major tourist leaders and perfect five major tourist boards, to build city brands of ‘romantic beach, ancient melodies of the Song Dynasty ship wreck, Capital of hot springs, ink-painting-like Yangjiang, green city for recreation’. Firstly, take Guangdong Museum of Marine Silk Road as a leader to speed up the constructions on Sanshandao Island International Tourist Resort, Mawei Island International Tourist and Leisure Resort and etc., and to create tourism boards like southern historical and cultural and seashore tourist and leisure. Secondly, take Taojing Golf Tourist Resort as a leader to speed up the development on East Lake Xingdao Island Tourist Resort, improve supporting facilities for Yangjiang Hot Springs Resort, and create tourism boards like eastern healthy entertainment, leisure travel and holidays. Thirdly, take the five major urban parks as a leader to speed up construction on five-star hotels like Country Garden Phoenix Hotel, and create tourism boards like central business and entertainment and urban tourism style. Fourthly, take Lingxiao Cave National Geo-park as a leader to speed up development on tourism resources like Mt. Ehuangzhang Scenic Spot, and create tourism boards like northern wonderful peaks & strange caves, country & farmhouse sightseeing and health spa. Fifthly, take Yangxi East Lake Salted Water Mineral Hot Spring Resort as a leader to speed up constructions on East Moon Bay Resort, Mt. Dadongshan Beauty Spot and other tourist sites, and create tourism boards like western health care, eco-tourism and leisure. Importance will be attached to works for invitation and attraction of investment in key projects as follows: invitation and attraction of investment in Shili Silver Beach Holiday Resort Park (mainly include construction on two five-star hotels and a golf course affiliated to Poly Group), Mawei Island- Beiluo Bay Top Class Resort, Zhapo Jiuao Bay Dan Family Culture Village, Li An Ecological Park, Yangjiang National Class-A Port Hailing Island Yacht & Ferry Terminal, Yangdong Dongping Pearl Bay Bathing Beach Resort, Yangdong East Lake Holiday Resort, Yangjiang Mt. Luoqin Eco-tourism Resort, Pinggang Salted Hot Spring Resort, Construction Project of Yangjiang Technique Museum of National Treasures-exhibition Pavilion, Yangchun Scenic Spots and Chunwan Bay Scenic Areas.