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          Nanhai No.1 & Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum

          Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum


          8 exhibition halls


          1. Foyer  

          2. Viewing Gallery of Underwater Archaeology

          3. Platform of Underwater Archaeology

          4. Maritime Silk Road

          5.Hall of Treasures

          6. Time Gallery of Underwater Archaeology

          7. Sea and Ocean

          8. Yangjiang Cultural Relics


            Nanhai No.1, a wooden merchant ship of Southern Song Dynasty is one of the three world-class natural and cultural elements in Yangjiang area. It is the earliest, largest and best preserved merchant ship for ocean trade of the sunken ships discovered in the region around China Sea, and also the only sunken ship which could witness Maritime Silk Road in Ancient China. The ship had been investigated for several times before the “Whole Piece Salvage Scheme” was finally confirmed. On December 22, 2007, “Nanhai No.1”, sunken under the sea for 800 years, was exposed to air, which created a stir in the field of archaeology in China.

            The “Nanhai No.1”, now exhibited in the Crystal Palace of Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum, has 60 to 80 thousand pieces of cultural relics accompanied with it totally estimated relics according to exploration, most of which are extremely rare, peerless and precious cultural relics. And there are southern and northern tourist corridors in the “Crystal Palace”, both installed with bottom where “Nanhai No.1” slept before its salvage is simulated in the light blue seawater, from which the tourists seem able to feel the greetings from the Song Dynasty.

            Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum is a theme museum to preserve, display and research on Nanhai No.1, the ancient shipwreck of Song Dynasty, with visitors being able to observe the ongoing excavation of the ship. It is the first museum with the theme of underwater archaeology in the world. With the total floor space of 12288 square meters and the building area of 19409 square meters, it is one of the high priority programs of Guangdong to construct the powerful cultural province.

            The museum has a distinguishing feature with the theme of sea. It entails five interlinked ellipsoid-shaped structures of varying sizes that in design call to mind waves upon an ocean, or a flying sea mew. Instead of adopting frame structure of traditional architecture, it comprises the structure of keel of a ship and the unique stilt style of Southern China, which presents rich marine culture.

            There are eight exhibition halls in the museum: Foyer, Underwater Gallery, Platform of Underwater Archaeology, Exhibition Hall of Maritime Silk Road, Exhibition Hall of Treasures, Time Gallery of Underwater Archaeology, Exhibition Hall of Sea and Ocean, Exhibition Hall of Yangjiang Cultural Relics.



            Guangdong Maritime Silk Road Museum


            Opening Time: 900——1730 site-clearing: 1700 No entrance after1730

            Address: western part of “Ten Li Silvery Beach”, Hailing island, Yangjiang, Guangdong 

            Hotline:  (0662) 3681111  3689999 

            Reservation phone: 06623681663

            Complaints hotline: 06623681188