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          15.Mandarin Duck Lake Park



            Situated at Mandarin Duck Lake in Yangjiang urban area, Mandarin Duck Lake Park is 230 kilometers away from Guangzhou and it can be reached through Guangzhan(Guangdong-Zhanjiang) Expressway and No.325 national highway. It was built on the basis of interlink reservoir in 1986 and is a natural scenic spot combining mountains and lakes, which received 430,000 tourists in 2005.

            The total area of this park is 167,000 square meters and there are landscapes of Mandarin Duck Lake, Southland Kite Arena, Kite Museum, Sea Mew Tribune and sculpture of “flying dream”. The total area of Mandarin Duck Lake is 47 hectares and this lake which is a natural air temperature adjusting lake is the largest artificial lake in Yangjiang urban area. The Southland Kite Arena which is a very famous kite flying field in China was built in 1991 and its total area is 120,000 square meters. This field can contain tens of thousands of people to fly kites at the same time and Yangjiang holdskite flying competition there every year. The word of “Southland Kite Arena” was written by ex-provincial governor Ye Xuanping. Besides, there are landscapes of Moyang Building, museum, Liqi Martyr Tomb and facilities of swimming pool, skating rink, amusement park, health center, zoo.


          Opening Time: All day

          Address: Dongfeng Road, Yangjiang, Guangdong 

          Tel:  86-662-3324027 

          Ticket Price: Free