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          9.Mawei Island




            Mawei Island is “Guangdong Landscape and Famous Scenery” and “Guangdong Tourist Resort”. Located at southwest of Zhapo Town in Hailing Island, it can be reached by boating 3 kilometers from Zhapo Fishing Port. 45 kilometers away from Yangjiang urban area and 30 kilometers away from the entrance of Guangzhan(Guangdong-Zhanjiang) Expressway and Coastal Expressway, Mawei Island is a littoral scenic region and was exploited in 1987 which has received 60,000 tourists in 2005.

            The total area of Mawei Island is 2.25 square kilometers and the peak-Mawei mountain is 147 meters. It is full of green trees and grasses on the island which contains primitive and natural flavor. There are landscapes of Yixiantian, Linri Stone Temple, ancient castle & lighthouse, afterglow on Mawei Island. You can see Zhapo National Fishing Port, Butterfly Islet, fishing villages there. The sand is very soft, water is very clear, while wave is very calm. The depth of water is 1.5 meters or so within 100 meters, which is suitable for children and old people to have seabathing. There are correlative service facilities such as restaurants on the beach.


          Address: Southwestern Zhapo Town, Hailing Island, Yangjiang, Guangdong 

          Tel:  86-662-3880553 

          Ticket Price: Free