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          10.East Silver Beach Scenic Spot




            Situated at the cape of Dajiao Mountain in Hailing Island, East Silver Beach Scenic Spot is 40 kilometers away from Yangjiang City Center and 280 kilometers away from Guangzhou, which can be reached directly through Guangzhan(Guangdong-Zhanjiang) Expressway and No.325 National Highway. This scenic spot which was open outside in 2005 is a tourist resort focusing on marine natural ecology and having correlative service facilities.

            The total area is 120,000 square meters and the length of coastline is 1100 meters. It includes 400 meters of stone coastal beach and 700 meters of sandy beach. When standing at the mountain side of Dajiao Mountain, you can see beautiful beach of Dajiao Bay in the west and blue south sea connecting the sky in the south. This Scenic Spot has special facilities such as bathing place, sunlight gloriette, moonlight gloriette, swimming pool, whole-seascape resort, seafood restaurant, tea culture hall, showing bar, amusement park, which contains primitive natural flavor and humanistic design at the same time. Therefore, it is a good place to watch sunrise & sunset and hear the sound of tidewater.


          Address: North Haibing Road, Yangjiang, Guangdong 

          Tel:  86-662-3893777 

          Ticket Price: 30